About Dotpix

Where Ideas are Executed Technologically

Dotpix Web Technologies is leading Web Development & Mobile App Development Company with its existence globally. We are not just driving our own growth but aid other sectors growth too.

Most of the sectors and businesses depend on information technology to communicate their brand, services, products and also to automate the business processes. With our expertise we help our clients to
achieve their goals since 2012.

Why Dotpix?

We provide complete website and mobile app development solutions to our clients with effective cost, We are building relationships with our clients with our quality service and support.

Projects Delivered

Dedicated Customers


Our idea is to connect the dots of the businesses with web technology to ensure flawless and quick completion of the distinct business procedures. This helps businesses to grow at rapid pace in brief time.

Our Focus

Dotpix is a place where innovative business ideas are converted into technical reality

Continual Growth

Create a work atmosphere that can
facilitate growth.

Work Culture

To provide a conducive work environment
to employees.

Customer Satisfaction

To offer top notch services that create
lifelong customers.